draws this scenario 8 million more times

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are we gonna fuckn hold hands tonight or what bitch

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homophobia is not an opinion. transphobia is not an opinion. ableism is not an opinion. racism is not an opinion. these things just make you a bad person and you can’t defend them at all. i don’t want to talk to you if you think these things are okay, and i don’t care about your feelings if you’re upset that i’m mad at you for these things, because you obviously don’t care about the feelings of the people affected by it.

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Image via Tumblr user crusherccme, found in 1996 Cornell Women’s Handbook.


send this to your crush with no context

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i see a trends of rp blogs reblogging those musings things??

and like some of those read as abusive as stuff anD IM JUST.. DONT…

and like almost all of them are so negative wtf. i dont mean like just ngative, most of them just makes me think like “can you please think about going for a therapy session” 



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ommercy replied to your post “babs??”

um! ummmm! wonder woman?


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imagine dick and cassandra just sitting down watching taiwan and kvariety shows, and crying over kdramas and discussing why is it necessary for this series to be five hundred episodes long

and just a lot of ridic celeb talk discussion and most of the batfam are like “what” but then bruce casually adds in his own comment

and dick and cass stare at him and then high five each other

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imagine the batfam celebrating two new year’s — one on 1st jan, the other on the lunar new year

and since cass has been in hongkong, she says “gong hei fat choy!” (cantonese)


then dick and jay do the lion dance for cass and dami (and the rest) dick’s totally at the head, making it do cute cat motions while jay’s kind of in the back all “your butt looks terrible from in here” “this is a lion not a kitten dick the fuck are you doing”

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imagine one of the batfam goes all “wanna order chinese later”

and cassandra just casually looks over and asks "what do you need me to do?"

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do not, i repeat, do not

think about your favorite character’s face when they orgasm, especially after an agonizingly slow build of teasing and foreplay that lasts for hours

don’t imagine the relief in their eyes right before they close them

don’t imagine the sounds of their ecstasy as they finally hit that sweet spot

don’t imagine every line and muscle in their body tense and arching as they ride the aftershocks

don’t imagine the way they sag and pant and smile afterward, drawing their partner close to their sweat-slicked body

just don’t do that to yourself

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the top 10 — fenfen (cookiewooga) guessed it to me on whatsapp :b

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actually, no! the last DC superheroine is not babs. there’s no more of the batfam on the list.

this one has powers :)

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Eowyn? Or Aragorn?

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  1. Dick Grayson (guessed by mercy!
  2. Zevran (and by mercy!
  3. Fenris (by belle!
  4. Thor (visardist!, pansexual-bucky-barnes!
  5. Vilkas (moodybread!
  6. DC
  7. Timmy (by belle!
  8. Isabela (bev!
  9. Aragorn
  10. (anime) Saotome Ranma (by fenfen!),
    one more anime char, tied with the above—
    Superboy (ballisticducks!)

oH MAN I LOVE EOWYN TOO but like i had a gigantic crush on aragorn. i blame viggo.

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